Benign breast lumps

The most commonly seen benign breast lumps are fibroadenomas. Dr Preda will either monitor these with a combination of clinical assessment and ultrasound or if they are large, increasing in size or causing symptoms, they can be surgically removed (excised).

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Breast cancer surgery

The best breast cancer pathway will be determined by considering the size of the tumour, biopsy results, whether there is any evidence of spread elsewhere and if it is likely the tumour is due to a genetic cause. Dr Preda will discuss possible management plans with you.

Breast cancer surgery has two components

  1. Removal of the cancer which may be a ‘lumpectomy’ (also known as ‘breast conserving surgery’ or a ‘wide local excision’) or a mastectomy of which there are several types. For patients undergoing mastectomy, options for immediate or delayed reconstruction by a plastic surgeon will be reviewed.

  2. Sampling lymph nodes to which the cancer may have spread. These lymph nodes are usually located in the axilla (armpit) on the same side as the cancer. In some cases, removal of all the lymph nodes (axillary dissection) will be indicated.

Other treatments for breast cancer may include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and endocrine/hormone therapy.

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Thyroid surgery

Surgery is undertaken by Dr Preda for thyroid nodules that are proven to be or suspicious for cancer. Some nodules will cause compression of structures in the neck (e.g windpipe or oesophagus) or be cosmetically unacceptable due to size. Patients with autoimmune thyroid disease may consider thyroidectomy as definitive management where medical treatment has been unable to control their symptoms.

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Parathyroid surgery

Overactivity of the parathyroid glands is most commonly detected incidentally on blood tests with high calcium and parathyroid hormone levels. Untreated, this can cause thinning of the bones, kidney stones or fractures.

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